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Asociación de Vecinos Sierra de Altea
(Neighbourhood Association)
The British Consulate, in Alicante, has advised its nationals be on alert when they arrive at either El Altet airport outside Alicante, San Javier Airport in Murcia, or Manises airport outside Valencia, due to the considerable increase in luggage theft. The problem has apparently grown to such an extent that it now features on travel advice, issued by the Foreign Office. The Consulate revealed that people should be careful when going to pick up their rented car at any of these airports, as they may be followed. When the recent arrivals get to the car, they discover that one or more tires are flat, and in the confusion of being offered help, their luggage disappears. The Consulate also advises that on the E15, A7, A70 and N332 main roads many people have fallen victim to people passing themselves off as plain-clothes policemen, and had valuable stolen as a result. The Consulate and Neighbourhood Watch make it plain that in all cases concerning traffic incidents or inspections, these are only carried out by uniformed members of the police force - be they the National Police, or more typically, the Guardia Civil. Neighbourhood Watch advises you again, that on arrival at airports, your luggage should never remain unsupervised. Never trust strangers if they offer any assistance to you. During the night never park in dark, unguarded parking lots. Never leave your handbag / bags / valuable articles, visible and unguarded; put them straight in your car, and keep it locked. Keep your money / credit cards always as close as possible, particularly in public areas such as Markets and meeting places. If you are having visitors, please pass on this advice to them, so that they can avoid an unhappy start to their holiday.