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Keep Safe in The Airport
Asociación de Vecinos Sierra de Altea
(Neighbourhood Association)
Keep hold of handbags, briefcases, laptops and other small bags. Don’t leave them on your luggage trolley. Keep your personal belongings on you at all times. Put them in a closed, buttoned or zipped inner pocket as soon as possible, after you have used them. Beware of offers of help to carry your luggage. Always keep your luggage within sight. If one of you has to go somewhere, one should always stay with the luggage. Take extra care when loading your luggage into your car. Load everything into the car, and lock the car, when returning your trolley. Never leave any handbags or smaller items on the car seats or on the roof. Keep vigilant at all times, and do not get distracted. Take particular care if asked for directions, change for the parking meters, or if someone points out a problem with your car. Lock your car doors before pulling out of the car park, and take care on your journey. Watch out for the following :- a car apparently broken down requesting assistance. Signal that you will phone the emergency services. Take a note of the number. a car bumping into you. Drive to a well-lit public area, before stopping. Take a note of the car number, or a photograph of the car. a car signalling a problem with your car. Take a note of the car’s number, or take a photograph. Only stop in a public well-lit area. If  there is no problem, report the incident to the police. If your car tyres have been deflated, pull over to a safe public area, if possible. Keep the car doors locked at all times. Do not accept offers of assistance from strangers, and phone the emergency services. Look after family and friends visiting. People visiting the area, may not be as aware of these problems, as you are. Help to make their holiday safer and more enjoyable, by giving them a little advice.