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Asociación de Vecinos Sierra de Altea
(Neighbourhood Association)
NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH - SIERRA.  In response to the crime waves, which periodically sweep through the Sierra, discussions started in April 2008 between a number of Urbanizations, on the introduction of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme. In June 2008, the Ayuntamiento of Altea, and the Policia Local, announced that they supported the idea of introducing such a scheme. This was an important step, as it is essential that the scheme is approved by both the Police, and the Town Hall. Following further meetings, a scheme was launched in November 2008, in the Urbanizations ; Sierra Altea 1 and Golf, Sierra Altea 2, Urlisa 1&2, Las Mimosas, and El Paradiso. Since then, Neighbourhood Watch has been extended to Galera de Las Palmeras, Jardines de Alhama, Casitas el Requet, Mascarat, Santa Clara and Vila Gadea. The type of N.W in operation involves the community, helping the Police, by being aware of security issues, and by keeping alert to potential crimes. It does not involve neighbours patrolling the streets, or confronting potential criminals. Neighbourhood Watch in the Sierra is affiliated to Vecinos Cooperando y Colaborando de España, which is based in Torrevieja. Neighbourhood Watch in Spain, and is the official National body. Their web site is www.nhwinspain.com. Here you can find out general information on Neighbourhood Watch. Specific arrangements exist for Apartment blocks, which have slightly different problems to individual houses. Each Urbanization has a N.W. Coordinator, and there are coordinators in many Apartment blocks. A system of communication has been set up, which enables people to quickly alert their neighbours, and the Local Police, in the event of a crime, or potential crime. The Police are also able to provide security information and advice. As far as possible, communications are by e-mail and telephone. Neighbourhood Watch only works with the active participation of those who live in the area covered. It is run by the community, and is there to serve the community. Everyone can play a part in helping to make their area safer. The service is free. If you would like to be included in the Neighbourhood Watch system, or require further information, please contact one of the following:- Annette Eberhardt 965846987 eberhardt@fischeraltea.com