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Gas Inspectors
Asociación de Vecinos Sierra de Altea
(Neighbourhood Association)
GAS MEN Over the past few days, several properties in Sierra Altea 1 have been visited by Gas Inspectors, offering to check gas installations. Cepsa and Repsol have confirmed that they do not send inspectors to houses, unless specifically invited to do so. The position seems to be that private companies are offering to check your gas supplies, and will undertake any necessary work to ensure that your installation complies with the regulations. Usually this comprises changing out-of-date tubing. This is not illegal, and you may wish to use one of these companies. However, you should be aware of the following :- · You are required to have your gas supply inspected every 5 years. · This should be arranged with your Gas Supplier. · You are not required to use companies who arrive uninvited, and offer an inspection. · If you do decide to use one of these companies, you should agree a price for the inspection and any necessary work, before allowing them to enter your property. · You should also check their identification documents, and keep a note of their vehicle registration. · If you make a payment, ask for a receipt. · If you are uncertain, decline the inspection, and do not admit them to your property. · If they become aggressive, notify the Police immediately. The cost of an Inspection and Certificate is about :- €60 Large bottles. €40 small bottles. Replacement tube ( Black) €10, tube (orange) €5. Don’t pay more !