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Meeting Minutes January 2015
Asociación de Vecinos Sierra de Altea
(Neighbourhood Association)
  NHW ACTA 16th January 2015                                        (Translation from the original in Spanish) Jefatura de la Policía Local de Altea Asistentes: Jaime Sellés, Concejal de Seguridad Ciudadana Marga Riera, Concejal de Proximidad, Altea la Vella y Urbanizaciones Yolanda Garrido, Concejal de Actuaciones Estratégicas Herminio Navarro, Inspector Jefe, Policía Local Antonio Pozo, Subteniente, Guardia Civil Annette Eberhardt, James Standen, Jürgen Langer, José María Izquierdo:Vecinos Cooperando. 1. Presentation of new posts Neighbourhood Watch. The two new members of the Board of Neighbourhood Watch, were introduced. Jürgen Langer and James Standen, and contact details of the new Board and the Principal Coordinators of all affiliates developments to Neighbourhood Watch were distributed to members. Ms. Marga Riera offered to help Neighbourhood Watch to be introduced into any of the developments where it is not yet present. 2. Statistics on crime in our area. It was reported that the level of crime in the developments of the Sierra de Altea remains very low, but there are problems with theft of handbags and jewelry in the markets, supermarkets and car parks. Sub- Lieutenant Pozo reported that it is now the fashion that thieves go up to a victim and hug them and ask for directions or something similar and then thank them effusively while perpetrating their crime. 3. ALERT messages. The number of ALERT sent by Neighbourhood Watch has fallen from 49 in 2012 and 9 in 2013-2 in 2014, reflecting the current low crime rate in neighborhoods. Neighbourhood Watch members offered distribute among its members, in three languages, any notice to send to them by the Local Police or the Civil Guard. 4. Using existing web pages of the local police, Altea Town Hall, Police, Neighbourhood Watch and various neighbourhood associations. The members of the Board present agreed to send Neighbourhood Watch members a direct link to existing security advice in these websites to use whenever appropriate (for example, when sending ALERTS) 5. Surveillance Cameras. On the transfer of the local police station from Altea Villagadea have all surveillance cameras have been brought into service. Mr. Izquierdo once again requested the installation of a surveillance camera in front of the sewage plant in El Paradiso, with equipment to record car number plates, access to three developments can be controlled: The Paradiso, Monterrico and the Mirador del Paradiso. Mr. Selles said that this request will be considered when revising the whole issue of security cameras throughout the municipality. 6. Police in developments. Neighbourhood Watch members discussed the desirability of the Local Police and Civil Guard become more visible in all developments, patrolling regularly and as frequently as possible. Lieutenant Pozo responded that the means are certainly limited, but that the developments, especially at night, therefore may not be aware of them. 7. Meeting with the Principal Coordinators Developments. The desirability of maintaining regular meetings with Principal Coordinators of each of the development and perhaps all Coordinators without reaching a decision was briefly discussed;  the matter was postponed. 8. Miscellaneous. Mr. Izquierdo reported that yesterday afternoon one individual entered the house on Calle La Bassa, 15 Urbanisation El Paradiso, where he remained for half an hour, fleeing when he noticed the presence of the owner, fortunately without stealing anything. An alert will be distributed on this issue. Also reported were irregularities at Number 19 in the same street, which seems to be illegally occupied (pending trial) and has parked 4 vehicles, construction equipment, two boats and 3 motorcycles parked in the road. Mr. Navarro, who has already involved the Local Police to intervene on previous occasions on the same subject, says he personally inspected the place to see what can be done this time J.M.I. 16.01.2015.