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Asociación de Vecinos Sierra de Altea
(Neighbourhood Association)
WHAT ARE “ALERTS”, AND HOW DO I RECEIVE THEM.   An ALERT is a message, sent out by Neighbourhood Watch, to inform you that an incident has happened in our area. This may be, for example, a robbery, a stolen car, a burglary, or a suspicious vehicle. The ALERT is a warning to be particularly carful of vigilant. They are sent to you by e-mail, and usually in Spanish, English and German. To receive ALERTS, you need to register with Neighbourhood Watch. We will require your e-mail address, property address, and telephone contact number. We need these, because if there is criminal activity very close to your property, we can inform you directly. The service is run by volunteers, and is free. Your data is kept in a secure database, and will not be disclosed to third parties. If you wish to receive ALERTS, contact:
Annette Eberhardt  965846987  eberhardt@fischeraltea.com  Ab Kok 965846281 kokspanje@live.nl